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Al-Wafa'a Medical Corporation is considered one of the top corporations engaged in the field of medical business in terms of its prominent presence inside the Yemeni market during the last decade.  Since its establishment in 1995 till now in 2008, it has achieved many of the remarkable outstanding successes that are recognized by all the persons involved or concerned with medical business in Yemen,.

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Head Office:
P.O. Box: 20637
Zubieri Street, St. No. 4, south of Bab Al-Balaqa Bridge
Sana'a, Republic of Yemen

Tel: +967-1-514194/247777/504646/240153
Fax: +967-1-513899
Web-site: www.alwafaamedical.com
E-mail: alwafacom@y.net.ye 

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