Al-Wafa'a Medical Corp.

Improving people’s lives with groundbreaking tech

We offer the broadest range of innovative healthcare technology for the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases and arrhythmias, helping solve even the most complicated challenges.

Serving the market

Selling & distributing medical products

Regular flow of supply

Keeping the supply of medical and laboratory products in continuous

Promotion & Marketing

We train scientific representatives and deputies to promote and market the company's products


Do Your Best to Serve the Society

The corporation practices and implements its activities through an organized institutional structure, based on the division of labor amongst all its highly-qualified and specialized personnel, under the supervision of a General Manager.

Our Vision

Our Mission

+27 Years Experience
In Importing and distributing drugs & medical equipment and requirements, laboratory equipment & requirements.
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Years of Experience

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Clinics & Lab.


Better Health Access for Our Society

The nature of Al-Wafa’a Medical Corporation activities are trading of all kinds of drugs, medical equipment and requirements, laboratory equipment & requirements.

Medical Equipment

Our products are suitable for an impressive range of applications and can be adapted today to the technologies of the future.

laboratory Equipment

Our products are suitable for an impressive range of applications and can be adapted today to the technologies of the future.


We represent the largest international pharmaceutical companies and market their products in the local market.

Maintenance services

Maintenance Services is dedicated to maximizing your technology uptime. In addition to repair services


Implementation Services helps you deploy new technology in a sustainable fashion, with minimum impact.


We can help your organization achieve your strategic objectives as an advisor and assist in making decisions that impact your department, hospital or facility.

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Patient Recovered


Rejuvenate Your Life

Al-Wafa’a Medical Corporation is considered one of the top corporations engaged in the field of medical business in terms of its prominent presence in the Yemeni market during the last decade.

Permanent Presence

Al-Wafa'a Medical is regarded by those working and involved in the medical sector as one of the corporations that is always at the front in dealings and is always present by its name and the products it supplies in most of the details and interiors of the medical business it is handling.

Satisfying Demands

What differentiates the business of Al-Wafa'a Medical is its capability to compete whether in terms of the high quality medical products and supplies provided to its customers or its capability to provide services at incomparably competitive prices.


Best healthcare Products in the Market

Bringing high-quality products, services & innovations to the healthcare community.


GE Aisys


Performance HD


Partners & Agencies

Al-Wafa’a Medical has become the exclusive agent/distributor of over forty-five (45) international companies in the field of medical appliances, medical equipment and specialty medicines.


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