– The oxygenator is indicated for use in an extracorporeal circulation circuit to oxygenate and remove carbon dioxide from the blood and to cool and warm the blood during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures up to 6 hours in duration

– Pre-membrane Access Port

– Exact alignment of potting material

– Proprietary graduated fiber bundle density technology

– Unique radial flow design

– Metal bellows heat exchanger

– Versatile cardiotomy turret (3/8” and 1/4” filtered ports)

– Optimum operating levels (Maximum capacity of 4000 ml & low minimum operating level of 200 ml)

– Excellent air handling capabilities

– Hollow fiber oxygenator

– Vacuum assisted venous drainage compatible

– Optimal visibility through a clear lid

– Removable sampling manifold

– Affinity Cardiotomy/Venous Reservoir is integrated into the system & has a reservoir volume capacity of 4000 ml & a recommended blood flow rate of 1-7 L/min