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Better Health Access for Our Society

The nature of Al-Wafa’a Medical Corporation activities are trading of all kinds of drugs, medical equipment and requirements, laboratory equipment & requirements. The Corporation is prepared to furnish all hospitals and clinics with state-of-the-art medical furniture or as per customer’s requirements and provide them all medicines and medical requirements. Since its inception, In addition to this, it has established commercial relations with many other manufacturing companies through direct sales and through government tenders.

The practical translation of our motto “Do Your Best to Serve the Society” can be made through practicing two important major activities:

Serving the market:

We are serving the market through selling & distribution of the medical products to those who require them; they include Doctors, Technicians, Hospitals and clinics in the private sector. This is done through our marketing centers spread countrywide and the populated areas in major cities of Yemen such as, Aden, Taiz, Hodiedah and Hadramout, and also through the sincere customers of the corporation. In this field of work, the corporation was able to be present with its items in almost all the medical demands and has acquired a big share of the total selling volume in the Yemeni market.

The regular flow of supply:

The corporation has worked very hard to keep the supply of medical and laboratory products in continuous supply to the Government of Yemen through tenders’ announcements to meet the public hospitals requirements. The corporation commitments to the technical & scientific specifications with the collaboration of its manufacturing partners have the influence in enforcing and enhancing the confidence with these parties. Also the hard and serious efforts of the corporation have made it possible to meet the complete urgent demands for the medicines and medical requirements to these parties, which in turns, have strengthen and enhanced the confidence in the importance of the corporation role in this direction.

Medical Equipment

Our products are suitable for an impressive range of applications and can be adapted today to the technologies of the future.

laboratory Equipment

Our products are suitable for an impressive range of applications and can be adapted today to the technologies of the future.


We represent the largest international pharmaceutical companies and market their products in the local market.

Maintenance services

Maintenance Services is dedicated to maximizing your technology uptime. In addition to repair services


Implementation Services helps you deploy new technology in a sustainable fashion, with minimum impact.


Implementation Services helps you deploy new technology in a sustainable fashion, with minimum impact.

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Years of Experience

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Clinics & Lab.

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Business Relationships


Marketing Strategy:

In order to activate promotional and marketing policies for the products it deals with, the Corporation trains scientific representatives and deputes to promote and market the company’s products which we are their exclusive agents.

In the framework of cooperation & transparency, the corporation also promotes and market products of other companies which provide our corporation all or parts of their products. What has raises the efficiency and importance of what the corporation is doing, and as a part of loyalty to the companies is that, we are dealing with and providing us competitive prices, we avoid to deal with two companies producing same or alike products simultaneously, ensuring that each product of these products will get the right of promotion and marketing.

Public Relation:

Public relations in our corporation are playing an active role in continuous communication with different categories related to the work and activities of the corporation. It occupies a great part of the Head Office interests through the allocation of good budget to implement its duties.

Future Perspective:

Al-Wafa’a Corporation has always been looking ahead and to the future with optimistic perspectives through its unlimited ambitions to cope with the international scientific progress and advancements, and seeking to reach to cooperation and partnership with companies of scientific inventions and innovations pacing alongside with the modern world of medical technologies.  Its ambitions do not stop to the limits of distribution agencies, or promotions, but working to reach  to partnerships leading to establish new manufacturing factories in the Republic of Yemen, and especially with companies sharing the same interests in achieving this goal, whether in medicines or in medical requirements, or in whatever related to the medical business.

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