3″ X 4 Yd. Conforming Gauze Roll, 10 Per Box

ERAGON modular

ERAGONmodular is setting benchmarks in versatility and quality. This modular generation of instruments was created to cover a broad range of applications. Surgeons can rely on precision, safety and intuitive handling. ERAGONmodular is the system for countless interdisciplinary potentials and your particular laparoscopic toolbox. 

Affinity Oxygenation System

– The oxygenator is indicated for use in an extracorporeal circulation circuit to oxygenate and remove carbon dioxide from the blood and to cool and warm the blood during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures up to 6 hours in duration – Pre-membrane Access Port – Exact alignment of potting material – Proprietary graduated fiber bundle density technology […]

SpectruM Humerus nail

SpectruM system aims to reduce x-ray during the surgery. This is achieved by a special technique and its supporting instruments in such a way that the nail can be locked with a hand targeting device through a special locking hole. This way surgery time and radiation load can be significantly reduced. Key advantages: – multiplanar […]

Is CBD Oil Safe To Use? Explaining Safety and More

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